Day 31- Extensions

I'm writing this at the dining room table amid half eaten pizza and dirty dishes. Friends are still here chatting, drinking, noodling on the guitar. Now there's singing. I needed this time with friends. Friends who remind me not to be so hard on myself. Friends who believe in me because they believe in themselves and I in them. We're lucky to have found each other in the world.

My draft isn't done. I avoided it all day. Self sabotage mode. I don't feel like it. But I never feel like it. Not when it's so close to the end. 

So tomorrow I will complete it. Little piece by little piece. My goal is to research and write query letters in the next week.  I'll just have to do revisions along the way too because of the foot dragging today. But that's okay. It's still getting done.

Tomorrow is about finishing and beginning. Polishing the draft and agent research and query writing. I'm bringing in help. A friend of mine has been down this road before with some success and she's agreed to give me some pointers. So there is a place to start. *fingers crossed*

Goals are dreams with deadlines. - Diana Scharf

Prompt: Write about dirty dishes.


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