Day 236 – Progress Report

Current Project: Memoir Status: In Progress Time Spent:  Writing: 15 hrs. Blogging: 3 hrs. Networking: 2 hrs. Reading: 10 hrs. Words: 418 Yup, less than 500 good words down this week. Weeks like these make me think failure is certain. But we’ll keep plugging away. Plug. Plug away. The only choice is forward.

Day 235 – Filling the Well

I fell back on good old faithfuls, wine and patios (several), to recharge my batteries. My boyfriend and I went to a new place called Whisler’s on East 6th. The place is straight up Depression Era vintage and begging for some art house movie filming. Anyway, my objective with filling the well is to relax, but I’m not always successful. Today was one an unsuccessful attempt. I was nervous and couldn’t think of anything to say because my word count (words I’m keeping) has been so low the last couple days. I hoped to have more to report tomorrow, I’ll put in some more time tonight and tomorrow morning, but I doubt I’ll get many more keepers. Despite the low word count, I made huge progress this week. Writing non-fiction when...

Day 233 – Just Right

Yesterday, I was unsure of my choice to write because of sudden non-writing opportunities materializing. Today wasn’t like that. Writing is funny like that, days and days of doubt and then after a couple thousand senseless words, you are gifted with an image that’s just right and you think once again that, yes, you can do this and it will be beautiful. Thank you for this one Universe. I needed it. We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. – Ernest Hemingway Prompt:  Write about an old dusty book.

Day 232 – Opportunities

Guess what happens when you decide to write a book. Non-writing related opportunities throw themselves at you. Two came flying at me today. Fun opportunities to make a little cash doing things I enjoy. Problem is they’d distract me from writing. But I can’t stop myself from wonder WHAT IF? WHAT IF? Why do we have to choose? Why can’t we have the time, energy, and focus to do it all? In other news, I’m starting an advanced memoir course with Donna Johnson the first week of September. I’m crazy excited about it. A little bit scared too. We’ll be doing a lot of workshop in addition to instruction. The goal is to have a full manuscript by the end. The regular company will be nice. Writing is lonely business. This week has been...

Day 231 – Behind

Pretty much my whole life I’ve felt behind. This is probably due to being the youngest in the family. Everyone around me knew more than me, could do more than me, and had more access to stuff than I did. It kinda gave me a complex. It had it’s benefits, it gave me a desire to learn and practice a lot in order to catch up and it paid off later in life. While I was busy learning things and playing catch up, my peers who didn’t have the ever present feeling of behindness were busy watching TV or playing video games. But me? I practiced drawing, sewing, crocheting, baking, building, singing, playing the piano, and writing stories, which I assumed everyone could already do better than me because that was the narrative I build my life on. I came out...