Write365 is a writer's resource that offers readers an inside look at one writer's voyage through a year of creating and publishing.

Zezelia Olson is a founder of Write365 and the 2014 featured writer. She currently resides in Austin, Texas with her boyfriend Joe and their cat and dog.

Leah Weinberger is an award winning screenwriter/producer and founder of Write365. Leah’s writing and producing accomplishments include the award winning short films BITS & PIECES [2010] and RACK [2010]. From short films, Leah went on to found Edgen Films, LLC and moved seamlessly into producing. She has worked as an Associate Producer on THE CURSE OF BABYLON (In Distribution), Co-Producer on 3DAYS (In Distribution) and Unit Production Manager on BIGFOOT WARS (In Distribution) among others. Since then, she has had multiple film projects optioned and in development with various film companies. In addition, Leah is an engaging business woman with a passion for building success through sound business principles and social activism.