Day 119 – Video Inspiration

Elizabeth Gilbert came out with a new TED talk. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm not a fan of Eat, Pray, Love either, but let's forget about that for 10 minutes and listen to her message. It's worth it. She talks about success and failure and how your brain computes extremes of both in a similar way. How either extreme takes you outside yourself and away from the home inside that allows you to create honest work. I needed this reminder today. Participating in critique sessions, workshops, and blogging takes me away from myself sometimes. Don't get me wrong, this project is more blessing than curse, but the balance of internal and external influence is still delicate. These activities shifts focus a little bit out when it needs to be in, now more than ever. It's that imagined external eye that's  preventing faster progress on my short story. I think too much about whether the metaphor will be clear to others, even though it's crystal clear to me. Is it publishable? Does it have good flow? All of these things to be determined in some way by other people to some extent. The writer verses the reader. When should you listen to them? When should you trust yourself? I never know.

Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen. - Willa Cather

Prompt:  Write about home.


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