Day 151 – Submitted

My short story is officially submitted! I kinda wanna barf, but I kinda wanna dance too. So far, I've submitted to 7 journals: American Short FictionTin HouseThe AlarmistDriftwood PressTephra MagazineUsed Gravitrons, and Zymbol. One of the journals I wanted to submit to, Sperm Whale, didn't renew their domain yesterday so I'll be looking for an alternative journal on Duotrope tomorrow. In addition, I'll be submitting my piece to Camera Obscura when submission opens tomorrow.

It's strange, yesterday I felt ready for this and today rereading my piece my confidence started to fray. It's safe writing in secret the way I used to. Rejection is scary. It hurts. It will hurt more with this piece than the picture book because I really, really love the concept. I'm just not sure the executions was up to par yet. It needed to be done, pencils down for now. If it's rejected and ridiculed then there's revision. I'll keep the story close to my heart in the meantime and see if there's a way to make it grow. Now, let's shift are focus to memoir.

Write like you write, like you can’t help but write, and your voice will become yours and yours alone. It’ll take time but it’ll happen as long as you let it. Own your voice, for your voice is your own. Once you know where your voice lives, you no longer have to worry so much about being derivative. - Chuck Wendig

Prompt:  Write about a leap into the unknown.


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