Day 165 – Saturdays Bring Me Down

I hate blogging on Saturdays. I will continue to do it because I’ve made the commitment to myself just know that the process is drudgery. Coming up with something positive to say about writing on Saturday makes me want to punch someone in the face so from here on out Saturday will be “filling the well” day. On Saturdays, I will do something creative (non-writing related) for the shear pleasure of doing it. Actually, I take that back, it doesn’t have to be creative, the activity will just need to be restorative. Being creative in anyway is often restorative, but so is getting a yummy massage. Restorative is the key here.  I’m instituting this so Saturday posts don’t turn into “don’t wanna” posts every week. Cuz that gets boring, especially for me.

As you move toward a dream, the dream moves toward you. – Julia Cameron

Prompt:  Write about a conversation overheard in a bar.

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