Day 179 – Filling the Well

Yesterday I got so caught up filling my well (after writing for a solid 2 hours on a Friday nonetheless!) that I forgot to blog. Sorry. Fancy gin may have encouraged my forgetfulness. Anyway, filling the well, my newly chosen favorite part of the week. This week I made food. Yes, I make food all the time, but not Thai food that forces me to venture out of my comfort zone and into a Korean market for red Thai peppers and napa cabbage. This particular episode was inspired by the release of the Everyday Paleo Thai Cuisine cookbook. It was so beautifully crafted and the ingredients so intriguing, I invited friends for dinner a week in advance before I’d tested any recipes. I could think of little else all week. Thankfully, the recipes, Thai fried rice and cashew chicken with a side of mango salad, did not disappoint.

The dinner itself was very enjoyable, great conversation and fancy mixed drink lovingly concocted with locally crafted gin, but that isn’t what filled my well. The process of creating the food, the shopping, chopping, the mixing and measuring is what did it for me. I love creating and find creating in an area I feel confident, like cooking, refreshing. I could spend hours in the kitchen fussing with herbs and spices if life allowed and not notice the time go by at all. At some point, I hope to sit down to create stories with the same ease I find in the kitchen. Writing and cooking have somany common lessons to teach. Yet, they seems so much harder to learn when applied to writing.

Life itself is the proper binge. – Julia Child

Prompt: Write about a chair.


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