Day 208 – Progress Report

Current Project: Memoir

Status: In Progress

Time Spent: 

  • Writing: 14 hrs.
  • Blogging: 5 hrs.
  • Networking: 5 hrs.
  • Reading: 13 hrs.

This week was rough in every way. I’m amazed I got in as much work as I did. This week an issue came up between me and someone close to me. It couldn’t be avoided, confrontation was the only way forward. It was messy and it hurt. I wrote anyway. Then I got back news about my body, my pancreas is not happy so I had to restrict my already strict diet.  I wrote anyway. Those two hiccups sent my confidence into a tailspin, signs that I couldn’t, so I surrounded myself with supportive people. People who say “yes, you can” and “yes, you are.”  Little words for which the need was enormous. Show up. Show up. Show up. There isn’t anything else, but right now. Nothing is guaranteed not matter which choice you make. Make the choice that makes you the person you want to be. To hell with everything else.

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. – George Bernard Shaw

Prompt:  Write about being interrupted.

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