Day 210 – Feeling Connected

The past week I’ve felt unmotivated and disconnected. In fact, a couple days after implementing my major diet restrictions, I felt like I was falling into an episode of major depression and would’ve panicked if I had the energy. Turns out, I have what is referred to as the low-carb flu, which can last for up to 3 weeks. So, if I seems sloppy here for up to 3 weeks, I apologize. I’m suffering and there is no way forward, but through it. To help me through this time, I’ve been reconnecting with supportive people in my life and reaching out to support other people where I can and it’s paying off. I got a solid 3 hours of work in today despite the fatigue and fogginess. Do not underestimate the power of showing up to support others as well. Supporting others is a great way to support your own creative energy. The past few days, a friend of mine, who is going through a major life transition at the moment, kept coming to mind and I felt compelled to reach out to her with a very specific message of thanks and encouragement. Today, I finally sat down and messaged her with what was on my mind and it turns out that message came just when she needed it. A simple connection offered us both a boost today. It boosted me up because a) it always to feel good to offer support to others and b) it reminded me that my intuition will almost always lead me the right way. Writing is so much about trusting your intuition and I’ve had nothing, but doubt in mine likely because so many external factors are screaming WRONG WAY! WRONG WAY! that I’ve lost sight of the importance of this process regardless of the outcome.

Faith requires following the power of a whisper. – Shannon L. Adler

Prompt:  Write about a little girl in cowboy boots.


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