Day 212 – Going For It

I knocked out 4 hours of writing today. Did I get very far? Not really, but I’m closer to where ever it is this thing is going. Rare are the days when words come gushing. I’m lucky when I get a solid paragraph down really. I do think I need to change my strategy though. For peace of mind if nothing else. Thinking about busting out some note cards and doing some serious story planning. Nonfiction has a plot too, ya know. I’m not the fence about it though. I’m looking for a security blanket. That’s what’s really what’s going on here. I want something to hang on to when the doubt hits and I think I can’t, a reminder that I can, that yes I know where I’m going.

Anyway, I’m exhausted, but damn I showed up today and damn I’m proud of myself.

Success if liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. – Maya Angelou

Prompt: Write about a bed sheet hanging from a clothesline.

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