Day 215 – Progress Report

Current Project: Memoir

Status: In Progress

Time Spent: 

  • Writing: 13 hrs.
  • Blogging: 4 hrs.
  • Networking: 3 hrs.
  • Reading: 7 hrs.

Ok. We’re getting down the the line and measuring my progress in hours is no longer effective. In addition to all the hours I track on various activities, I will be adding word count to my progress report. My hope is that it will keep my focused on forward movement instead of revising the same paragraph for hours and hours. My goal is 1000 words a day no matter how many hours it takes. Forward. Forward. Forward. I’m really looking forward to this week. My health is improving and so are my spirits. I have another round of blood tests tomorrow that will help me set my sails. Tonight I’m chalk full of hope and it feels damn good!

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