Day 235 – Filling the Well

I fell back on good old faithfuls, wine and patios (several), to recharge my batteries. My boyfriend and I went to a new place called Whisler’s on East 6th. The place is straight up Depression Era vintage and begging for some art house movie filming. Anyway, my objective with filling the well is to relax, but I’m not always successful. Today was one an unsuccessful attempt. I was nervous and couldn’t think of anything to say because my word count (words I’m keeping) has been so low the last couple days. I hoped to have more to report tomorrow, I’ll put in some more time tonight and tomorrow morning, but I doubt I’ll get many more keepers. Despite the low word count, I made huge progress this week. Writing non-fiction when it’s about something so personal and so painful is tricky. You walk of fine line with your feelings and the truth so every time I write something, I let it sit for awhile then I go back and ask myself “Is this really how you felt?” because sometimes we want to make ourselves less basic than we really are. That usually leads to some revisions. After that, I put myself in the other person’s shoes and ask myself what I looked like from their perspective, which also leads to some tweaking most of the time. It’s slow going. Slow, slow, slow. It makes me think maybe I’m not cut out to be a writer because if I was a real writer I’d be faster, right? But if there is one thing I’ve learned in the last 235, it’s to stay out of that stinky rabbit hole.



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