Day 256 – Progress Report

Current Project: Memoir

Status: In Progress

Time Spent: 

  • Writing: 20 hrs.
  • Blogging: 2 hrs.
  • Networking:  3.5 hrs.
  • Reading: 10 hrs.
  • Words: 1443

I sucked at blogging this week, but rocked at writing. I had 3 solid days of flow and cranked out lots of pages and imperfect words that turned out to be a solid 1443 words after revision. The advanced workshop has me all fired up despite my reservations. It’s strange that younger people don’t write memoir. Perspectives change, insights change as the years go by and our hormones shift and forgiving gets easier, but is the voice of experience always better? I’ve been told more than once that I should wait to write this story until after I become a mother myself, that I won’t see things straight until them. I don’t know whether that’s true or not though. Such an event will most definitely impact how I see the world and that’s exactly what I’m afraid of, that I’ll lose the lens I’m looking through right now that it will become tinted somehow or maybe less tinted, I don’t know. The lens I see my story through today is interesting. It’s a bit dark, a bit subversive, and it deserves to be written that way even if there is cringing over it in the future. Isn’t this story just as valid as the one I’d write from the perspective of motherhood? I don’t know.

The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected. – Robert Frost

Prompt:  Write about footsteps outside your window.

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