Day 261 – Weirdly Rejected?

My short story received a weird sort of rejection that was a rejection, but wasn’t from Used Gravitrons. I’m kinda sad about it because this journal was particularly strange and intriguing and possible a good fit for my very strange and intriguing fiction piece. I’m counting it as a rejection because my submission didn’t result in a publication, but it technically wasn’t a rejection because it wasn’t declined based on the content of quality of my work. So confusing. Anyway, you can read the rejection letter below.

Hi Zezelia,

Thank you for your submission. The winds of change have swept through the house of Used Gravitrons and we are no longer considering or accepting unsolicited material. This is in an effort to focus our efforts on our local reader base. Our Duotrope listing as well as our website will soon reflect these changes. Thanks you for your interest in UG, but at this time we have to decline your submission.

Happy writing,

Mike and Morgan



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