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Day 28 – Progress

Good things are happening. For me and for my friends. This week a friend was accepted to a writer's workshop. Emails back and forth read just omg omg omg and squee squee squee before we could get to anything coherent out. As for me, writing is getting done. My children's book has been reborn. Nobody is going to mistake this version for an incestous love poem and if they do, I can confidently say the problem is on their end this time. 

Writing this week was more peaceful, largely due to a tweak in my process. I took the idea from a Maile Meloy interview I listened to on YouTube. Instead of sitting down to write 10 pages a day, Maile sets a time limit. She will work for a set amount of time and that is her only goal. She doesn't sit down and say, you will write 10 pages or 10000 words. She sits down, sets a timer and writes. The only goal is an observation, to see what happens from now until then. So I tried it Sunday evenings and it's changed everything for me. Instead of beating myself up for not completing the whole draft or racing against the clock to complete a draft, I sit down and see what happens. That's it. And guess what? A lot more happens between now and then with this approach. Anything I get down is a pat on the back. It's a job well done. There is no failing. Now I can work with that.

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. - Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing

Prompt:  Write about a small change in course and its result. Was it for better or worse?


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