Day 285 – Consistency

Being consistent is important. Consistently performing a task turns the task into a habit. Habits are mostly automatic behaviors, they’re a given, something that does not require a whole lot of willpower or thought. Turning writing into a habit is very important when you’re working on a book length project because long projects are hard. Most days I wake up uninspired and at a loss about the next step. The last thing I need to do is fight with myself about writing itself, which is part of the reason I write first thing in the morning even though I feel guilty for not walking my dog first because she wakes up with such great expectations of frolics in the park that she can barely contain her wiggles. It kills me, closing the door on her happy feet, hearing her whine behind the closed door. But I have to write first. Why? Because if I walk my dog or run an errand first, my project gets scarier and the scarier it gets the more I subconsciously want to avoid it. I can’t afford to avoid this project. My deadline, although self imposed, is looming in the near future and, frankly, I’m a slow ass writer. I have zero time to procrastinate and play the avoidance game. So when I wake up, I write. PERIOD. No arguing with myself. It is a reflex. It is my most prized priority. Yes, life gets in the way. I oversleep or appointments can’t be rescheduled. It happens. But not writing because “I just don’t fee like it” is not okay. That’s self sabotage and that is one habit I could do without.

A man who can’t bear to share his habits is a man who needs to quit them. – Stephen King, The Dark Tower

Prompt:  Write about a vicious habit.



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