Day 289 – Thankful

Wednesday night, my memoir class critiqued the first 20 or so pages of my memoir and I just have to say I am so lucky to have found this group of people to share my work with. Everyone was very encouraging and a couple of women in class really, really understand the dynamic I’m portraying. They get it, they get it, they get it and I’m so relieved because writing feels like such a foolish endeavor most days, a labor of love at best. Reading over everyone’s notes again this morning made all the work worthwhile. My words made someone feel something. People, who don’t love me and didn’t have to say anything nice, said nice things! They had suggestions for improvement too, several of which I plan to use during revision, some not. That’s the challenge of workshop, figuring out which suggestions to take and which not. It’s especially hard when the suggestions come from writers you respect. I’m following my instinct on voice. I’m staying course despite the suggestion from pretty much everyone to shift a little. In the end, that might not be the best decision, but, right now, the pull to the take the chance is stronger than the pull to follow.

You have to die a few times before you can truly live. – Charles Bukowski

Prompt:  Write a scene in a little voice then again from a big one.


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