Day 319 – One Rejection Closer to Acceptance

Every rejection letter brings you closer to an acceptance letter. I really truly believe that and because I do, I delight every time a piece is rejected. Another rejection letter arrived in my inbox yesterday morning. Before this project, I probably would’ve used each rejection as as a whip to lash myself with, proof that I CAN’T, that investing my time in writing is a foolish, irresponsible, EMBARRASSING, LAUGHABLE. That’s a choice though, a reality you choose. It’s also a reality that kept me from doing my best and sending work out for years and years and years. Or even sending work out that wasn’t my best because really? Are you ever “your best” and how would you even know if you were? Tomorrow, you might out write your best. So let’s rephrase that. It’s a perspective that kept me from sending out ANY work, best or not. You can’t make any progress living in that reality. I need progress so I will celebrate every rejection that comes my way. It’s progress in disguise. Promise.

Anyway, this rejection is from The Alarmist, a journal out of the UK.  It’s another form rejection. (For the record, I corrected some of their punctuation before posting it here. Tisk, tisk, Alarmist!)

Dear Zezelia,

Thank you for sending us “Endship”. 

Unfortunately, we will not be running with it for the next issue but we wish you best of luck with your writing. 

Sorry for the ridiculous delay in responding. 


Gary & Mansour 
The Alarmist 

Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better. – Steve Maraboli

Prompt: Write about something whispered.

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