Day 327 – Rejected (Again), Still Alive

Another rejection showed up in my inbox over the weekend. This time it was from American Short Fiction. I won’t lie. I was disappointed. American Short Fiction is one of my favorite literary journals and it’s based out of Austin so I had wishes and hopes heaped up on that submission. An acceptance from them would’ve really made my day or year really. Anyway, I got over it quickly because my vacuum cleaner broke and that was much more disruptive and emotionally taxing than a rejection letter.

I am starting to wonder if I should revise my piece though. It didn’t feel quite at it’s peak when I sent it out. More resolution was needed at the end. I sent it out anyway because I needed to move on to my next project. The revision will have to wait though. I’ve got enough on my plate between memoir writing and critique group. Just a thought.

So that’s where I’m at, 100% still alive while being 100% rejected so far.

Dear Zezelia (if I may), 

First, I want to thank you for your patience as you waited to hear back from us. Last year, ASF was on a brief hiatus as the magazine changed hands, and it’s taken us some time to read through our submissions. 

Second, I wanted to thank you for sending us “Endship.” 

Our staff read your submission carefully and regret that we are unable to use it at this time. While the volume of submissions prevents us from responding specifically to your work, we wish you the best of luck in placing it elsewhere. 


Nate Brown 
Web Editor | American Short Fiction 



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