Day 76 – Rejected

One literary agency rejected my children's book manuscript. It was rejected via a non-response, a if you have not heard from us within four weeks, please assume we are not interested in your manuscript type of deal.  The worst kind of rejection possible. Believe it or not, you want a response even if it's negative. When you get a response it means the person who read your manuscript thought it had potential. Apparently, this particular agency thought my manuscript lacked potential. Maybe it does… or maybe they can suck it.  Either way, I am still in love with my book.

Rejected.  Let's sit with that a little while. How does it feel? Like nothing. Because nothing has actually changed. I am still breathing. I am still writing. I am still me. In fact, I might be just a little bit better for it. I was rejected and survived. 

One down, two more to hear or not hear from. There are still a few more weeks before I will officially consider myself rejected from the other two agencies. Until then, it is ever forward.

I don't want anyone who doesn't want me. - Oprah Winfrey

Prompt:  Write about a fall. What was more important, where they fell from or where they fell to?

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