Day 87 – Obvious Mistakes

While working on my short story, I haven't been reading short stories. Nor did I refresh myself on the craft of short story writing. While working on the picture book, I read picture books, classics, contemporary, Caldecott winners, everything. So why didn't I do the same while working on the short story? Because I've written short stories before and didn't think I had to. Not a smart move. This is probably why I've felt a little bit panicked and confused  and why my story isn't developing. I used to know my way around a short story and now not so much. The remedy is simple. Read. I picked up the latest volume of American Short Fiction, a journal based out of Austin, and a copy of Battleborn by Claire Vaye Watkins, a collection of short stories that friends have raved about. I'll dig up some classics too, some Raymond Carver, Joyce Carol Oates, and Eudora Welty. I'll spend my early mornings turning out pages and my evenings reading to refresh myself on the craft. It feels late in the games, but I need to keep this puppy rolling. I'm still struggling with Shirley, the main character. She's boring on the exterior, pleasant, but boring. Her inner life is rich, radical even. There are a few hints on the exterior about this, her love of outrageous socks and a clock that is central to the story, but the other supporting characters are so talkative they overpower the subtleties that make Shirley interesting. It's frustrating and I'm not sure what to do.

I hate writing, I love having written. - Dorothy Parker

Prompt:  Write a conversation between a character who is subtle and a character who is not. 

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