Day 90 – Unexpected

Whoa! Today marks is our 3 month anniversary and not one day missed! Time is racing and so are the words. My question is, do unexpected short stories count? At the start of this project, my short story idea was specific and clear, but it hasn't gone well. Mostly because I came to realize the story I wish to write is not a short story. It's a novel. It's too complicated to fit into so few words or I'm not skilled enough to do so. Not sure which. Regardless, a different story came at a gallop this morning. It was refreshing after the toil the other story has been. This new one has problems. It's in 2nd person. Yes, the whole thing. For now anyway. The structure is twisty and confused. But the topic, the end of friendships between women, is one discussed frequently among the women in my social circle yet stories about it aren't frequently written. The theme and style also fits in with the literary journals I read most like American Short Fiction. So I'm running with it. Yes. I am missing my deadline again, but this miss doesn't feel hopeless. I feel like I've hit my stride and my vision is attainable. 

So does it count even though it isn't the story I'd planned on? I'm going with yes. 

That last page turned is a perfect excuse to write a whole new book. - Toni Sorenson

Prompt:  Write about your first friend.

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