Take Yourself Out of the Equation

What do publishers do? Publish. What do film distributors do? Distribute.  What do writers do? Create Content. The model looks like this: Demand (audience/readers), Supply (publishers/distributors), Product (writers). Without writers there is no product to supply the demand. So before you curl up and think, Oh no! I can't do this, my work isn't PERFECT. Why would anyone want it anyway? I'm not Chris Nolan, Amy Tan or [insert idol here], take a deep breath and realize a fundamental truth: this business of writing/filmmaking is  Art seen through the lens of Business.  YOU are necessary part of the process so take yourself (and fears please) out of the equation and produce content that can be supplied to the demand.

Someone asked me what I did via screenwriting/films, my reply was that I make widgets. Now, it's true my widgets are SHINY, but in the end I make Widgets (product) for the Distributors (supply) based on the Audience (demand). I'm not a Starving Artiste. I don't live in a garrett. I don't subsist on fruit that falls from the sky. I'm a paid professional who creates because it's my job. 

So please, do yourself a favor and take your fears, worries, and insecurities out of this basic equation. Got it?  Great!  Now get out there and CREATE!  The market is waiting and it is HUNGRY.