Why People are Discouraging Sh*ts.

Here's the scenario. You've got this great premise and you're bubbling over with story, possibilities, characters, the whole nine yards.  You can SEE your book at books store or on Amazon.  You talk to a writerly friend, maybe someone a bit further along than you, more experienced, and tell them all about your fabulous idea. They listen to every word. They nod along, they've been there, they understand. Then they put their arm around you and very kindly tell you all about the realities of the business.  How you shouldn't get your hopes up.  How they knew of a guy who did all this work and ended up never getting published.  How many come and how few publish.   How they've been trying for years.  Blah blah blah. Poor deluded you.  The little engine that shouldn't even try.

Why is it so darn necessary for people to tinkle on your parade?  There is only one answer to that question and the answer is hidden above.   Ah, did you see it?  They talk about how they've been trying for years with the inference that well if THEY can't make it YOU surely cannot.  Truth?  Nope.

So why discourage anyone from making the attempts?   Don't you see how utterly tragic it would be if YOU succeeded.  Think about succeeding.  YAY for you, that's fantastic!  For these faux peers, how does your success read?  It is another bitter glance into their reality. It says they did not try hard enough, do enough, failed enough, etc.  That is some very harsh news for a struggling writer.  No one wants it.  Now, there is an easy way to stave it off.   Don't try.  Be one of those people, the people that are ALWAYS editing,  living on their thinning laurels, and very gently, kindly even,  stomping down every aspiring writer that approaches you.  The thought behind it is very simple for bitter types.   If little Susy Writer can do it than it begs the question of what have THEY been doing with their own writing career.  It's better to keep Susy from attempting, better to be honestly discouraging, better to be hypercritical of everyone's work, better to be anything than what you are.  A Lazy Writer.

If you can't say anything nice, shut the H*ll up!

Why this piece?  It's amazing how utterly rude and nasty some people can be to budding artists in the interest of saving them, and I just want it out there.  LOVE YOU GUYS!

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